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From Brian Mounts, the Original Two Handed Bowler

You read that right. I just called myself the original.

Of course I know that’s not accurate but it’s pretty close.

I’ve been bowling two-handed since I was 14 years old back in 1995. I competed in YABA youth tournaments in and around the state of Arizona and crossed paths with a number of youth bowlers from the area who went on to fame such as Andrew Cain and Shannon Pluhowsky.

In my college years spanning the late 90’s to early 2000’s I bowled two handed out of San Diego and Southern California and crossed paths with the likes of Rhino Page when he was just in high school, Mike DeVaney, and Steve Smith just to name a few.

I was one of the few two handed bowlers of the nineties that paved the way for the scores of two-handers that are flooding youth bowling today.

Certainly top tier bowlers like Osku Palermaa and Jason Belmonte made two handed bowling mainstream but I’d like to believe I had a small part in introducing a lot of bowlers to the style along the way.

In the mid-2000’s I was the only two handed bowler on the Western Regional PBA Tour and up until the early 2010’s I was one of the only two handed bowlers I ever crossed paths with.

Today, it’s 2020 and this style has become “normal”. There are coaches that teach this now when but only 20 years ago they were trying to come up with rules to disallow such peculiar behavior on the lanes.

Today you will likely find no one with more experience bowling two hands than myself and although I’m not a touring member of the National PBA Tour I am competitive enough to have a fighting chance in any tournament and any pattern I face.

Here on Mounts Bowling you’ll find a wealth of information on the two handed bowling style. I will also slant most of my tournament news and information to Pacific Northwest competition as that is where I currently live and bowl out of.

You’ll also find a good deal of bowling related information that is hard to find compiled anywhere on the web. I am an internet marketer by trade and a bowler by passion. If you’ve got anything you want to learn about the sport of bowling I hope that you’ll be able to learn it here on or any of my supporting networks.

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