The 2011 Bowlers Journal Championships by Storm

The 2011 Bowlers Journal Championships by Storm2011 marks the 65th Bowler’s Journal Championships. It runs in conjunction with the USBC Open Championships tournament spanning the entire tournament date range from March 4th though July 2nd.

The Bowler’s Journal tournament this year has a feature where you can bowl with two doubles partners at the same time and an optional feature where you can use your four game total as both your doubles and singles set.

Another new part of the tournament is the ability to throw out your low game and use your best three of four. And although this tournament is a side event to the 2011 USBC Nationals it too has a side event where you can enter the Jackpot Trio and use your scores for various side pots like clean frames and high games, etc.

This year the 2011 Bowlers Journal Championships will be held at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno. So whether you are going for the big event or just for this event you can stay right at the Grand Sierra and not have to worry about lugging your balls to the center. Good luck!

Here is the tournament Flyer for the tournament and here is link to the official rules as published on USBC Congress.

This is but one of a few different side events going on at the USBC Open – I’m compiling the info on the other events so you can check them out over at me USBC Side Tournament Information info page.

You can also find more about the 2011 USBC Open Championships over here including my own experiences.