The 2011 USBC Nationals Oil Pattern

Originally Published 2/23/2011

UPDATE 3/1/11

See below for the oil pattern for this year’s USBC Nationals tournament.

The oil pattern for the 2011 USBC Open will be published on March 1, 2011. In years past the bowling tournament oil pattern was published earlier in the calendar year however those recent tournaments started earlier in the calendar year as well.

Last year I published my take on the 2010 nationals pattern and this year I plan on doing the same type of thing.

I know many people are looking for this info since the tournament is approaching quickly so make sure to return the first of March to see what to expect at the tournament.

In the mean time check out my roundup post on all 2011 USBC Championships information and my summary of all the 2011 Nationals side tournament information.

If you’re going on this big bowling trip you might as well diversify and enter a few events over your stay. Good luck and check back after the first of March for the 2011 USBC Championships Oil Pattern.

Update 3/1/2011 – The USBC just released information on the tournament pattern which will be layed out for the big event this year. I will soon add commentary to this pattern but for now you can see the pattern in the picture below or by downloading the actual pattern from the website.

2011 USBC Nationals Oil Pattern, Lane Graph & Tournament Conditions
2011 usbc nationals lane graph

2011 usbc open oil pattern

I will add my thoughts to this pattern in the next day or so but you can click the pics above to read and interpret them yourself in the mean time.

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