Advanced Bowling Tips, Techniques, & Concepts

advanced bowling tips techniques concepts

If you know a lot about bowling and want to take your game and your understanding of the game to the next level then have a look through the following topics.

There’s a lot to bowling beyond the basics of first learning how to bowl, how to hold a bowling ball, or how to throw your first curve.

After a  while you’ll start getting the hang of the basics and even naturally pickup the basics of bowling lane transition, making adjustments, or even changing balls.

Each of these topics however (and many others) can be explored at much greater depth than most recreational bowlers even realize.

Below you’ll find a collection of topics I have or plan to cover in greater depth on this site.

Let’s begin by first diving into the concept of oil patterns and how they break down.

We’ll start by looking at a typical house pattern, which is what most people are used to from open bowling, leagues, and many tournaments held at the local level.

What is a House Pattern and Why are They Different From Center to Center?

My Cheat Sheet to Bowling Ball Specs & Bowling Ball Layouts

What is RG in Bowling & What Does it Mean?

The Best Pocket Entry Angle for Strike Percentage