Oregon Bowling Tournaments

Bowling Tournaments Oregon

There’s a whole lot of bowling tournaments going on around the state at any given time.

Below I’ve listed a few of the main tournament “tours” which you can check out for regularly scheduled events around the state.

Local & Regional Bowling Tours and Clubs

These are the main bowling tours, and clubs that put on regular events throughout the state. If you know of any others please contact me to let me know about them.

  1. Oregon Bowlers Association (OBA)
    The OBA is a scratch bowling tournament organization that holds tournaments roughly once a month throughout the year in northern Oregon and southern Washington. Bowlers participating these tournaments receive points for performance throughout the season for spots in a finals event in the Spring. You can see their Facebook page here for more info: https://www.facebook.com/oregonbowlersassn/
  2. Southern Oregon Bowling Association (SOBA)
    This is a scratch bowling tour that has roughly 9 stops per year throughout the southern part of the state. There are no hard rules about tournament conditions but typically half of the events are bowled on challenge or sport conditions while the others are bowled on modified house shots or recreational oil patters. Bowlers win points throughout the season to seed themselves into a Grand Finals tournament at the end of the year in the Spring. You can see their general website here for more info: http://www.thesoba.com/
  3. Revolutionary Tournament Bowling – Portland (RTB Portland)
    This is a handicaped bowling tour for all bowlers at all skill levels. Find out more about the RTB here: https://bowlrtb.com/about-us/ and check the RTB Portland Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/RTBPortland/
  4. Revolutionary Tournament Bowling (N. California / S. Oregon)
    This is the southern Oregon and northern California chapter of the RBT. You can see their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/RTBORCA/
  5. Northwest Senior Tour
    This is scratch tournament bowling primarily in Northern Oregon and Washington for the seniors. Men must be at least 50 and women must be at least 40 to participate. More info can be found here: http://nwseniortour.com/
  6. Hanscam’s Match Club
    This is a local tournament club that travels around the nearby area.
  7. Oregon State 600 Club
    Another local bowlers club similar to the Hanscam’s Match Club.
  8. Portland Area 7-Gamers
    These are a series of largely unaffiliated scratch tournaments in and around the Portland metro area. Website for more info is 7-gamer.com but it is currently down and being rebuilt.
  9. Oregon Junior Classic Tournament Association
    This is a tournament series for Oregon state junior bowlers that has been around since the 70’s. They currently hold 9-tournaments every year plus one finals event and one additional Youth/Adult doubles held in August.
  10. The Bowling By Invitation Tour (BBI)
    This is a semi-senior handicap bowlers tour that holds roughly 10 stops a year in Oregon and Washington state. Bowlers 39 and up are invited. Finals are held in December.
  11. The PBA/PBA Regionals/PBA50/PBA60/PWBA (Professional Bowlers Association)
    The PBA in it’s many forms makes occasional stops in Oregon from year to year. For bowlers who wish to shoe up against the pros as a non-member these can be fun yet humbling events.
  12. The Junior Bowlers Tour (JBT)
    The JBT is a national tour of the best youth bowlers. They travel everywhere and occasionally have a stop in Oregon where non-members can shoe up.

Annual Oregon State Bowling Tournaments

There are also a bunch of regular and semi-regular events that happen every year. The most notable of these are the State USBC events which are all listed on the OSUSBC website: http://osusbc.webs.com/tournaments.htm

The USBC isn’t the only group however. The Oregon State Bowling Proprietor’s Association (OSBPA) puts on a few regular events each year as well.

#1 – Oregon State USBC Events

Annual Oregon State USBC tournaments include the following:

  1. Queens Championships
  2. High School District Bowling Championships
  3. High School State Bowling Championships
  4. Youth Sectional Championships
  5. High School All Star Championships
  6. Youth Championships
  7. Open Championships
  8. Oregon State USBC Women’s Championships
  9. Youth State Championships
  10. Senior Mixed Championships
  11. Senior Qualifying Championship

Tournament schedule for the remainder of the 2016-2017 year can be found here: http://osusbc.webs.com/2017%20ChampionshipTournament%20Schedule.pdf

In addition to the USBC state tournaments listed above the Summer Oregon State Jamboree Fun Tournament is typically help in late July every year just before the state USBC annual meeting. More info can be found here: http://osusbc.webs.com/oregonstatejamboree.htm

#2 – OSBPA Bowling Tournaments

Regular Oregon State Bowling Proprietor’s tournaments include the following:

The Oregon Grand Prix Youth Scholarship Tournament – This even is held annually in November for youth Grand Prix Members. Grand Prix tournaments typically offer low entry fees and generous payouts in the form of scholarships. Kids of all ages (under 20) may be members in the Grand Prix program.

The Annual Center Challenge Tournament – Bowling centers from around the state send their top bowlers to compete. The most recent year was hosted in April at TenDown Bowling & Entertainment center in Roseburg OR.

The Annual Bowl Down Cancer Tournament – Held in late May most recently at Silver Creek Lanes, Silverton OR.

For more info you can check out the OSBCA FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/OSBPA/ and their website here: https://www.osbpa.com/.

One-Off Swiss Tournaments & Sweepers Throughout the State

Swiss tournaments are a ton of fun. They typically are not part of any tournament series or club meaning that bowling in them does not commit the bowler to a series or schedule. Many tournament clubs reserve some monies for distribution at season end at a finals event. Swiss events are different and preferable to many bowlers.

Here are some of the regular or semi-regular Swiss events and/or sweepers that happen in and around the state from cities like Portland, Eugene, Bend, and Klamath Falls just to name a few.

  • The Bend Baker Tournament is a mixed team of 5 that typically falls in early July. It’s run by the same guys that do the Lava Lanes Swiss.
  • The Emerald Lanes Swiss is another mixed team of five event that typically falls in late July.
  • The Lava Lanes Swiss is a mixed team even that typically falls in early June.
  • Rainbow Lanes in Forest Grove, OR holds a monthly Swiss tournament. Contact Rainbow lanes for more info on their schedule.
  • The T&C Swiss happens at Town & Country Lanes in Keizer OR annually. (monthly)
  • The Mt Hood Lanes Swiss at Mt Hood Lanes in Gresham OR (late October)
  • The Willamette Valley Baker Tournament held in Silverton, OR (semi-monthly)
  • The Stars & Strikes Swiss at Wilsonville Lanes, Wilsonville OR (mid-October)
  • The Andy Anderson Memorial at Lava Lanes, Medford OR (late Sept)
  • The War Games Swiss at Wilsonville Lanes, Wilsonville OR (late August)
  • Delake Open VI at Olde Line Lanes, Lincoln City OR (early August)
  • Tony’s Bowling Supply 4 Game Sweeper at Roxy Ann Lanes, Medford OR (late July)
  • The Grandparents Tournament at Holiday Bowl, Florence OR (summer time)
  • The Kingpin Swiss at Kingpin Bowl (late July)
  • The Silver Creek Tournament at Silver Creek Lanes, Silverton OR (mid-July)
  • The Siskiyou Indian Bowling Tournament at Lava Lanes of Medford, Medford OR (mid-June)
  • The Rose Bowl Classic at Sunset Lanes, Beaverton OR (early June)
  • The Grandmothers Tournament at Emerald Lanes, Eugene OR (early May)
  • The Gene Cole Jr. Scholarship at Sunset Lanes, Beaverton OR (early May)
  • The Oregon State Telco Open & Women’s Tournament at Ten Down Bowling, Roseburg OR (late April)
  • The Wilsonville Swiss at Wilsonville Lanes, Wilsonville OR (late April)
  • The Kellogg Ladies Swiss at Kellogg Bowl, Milwaukie OR (mid-April)
  • The Kitsap Masters at Hi Joy Bowl, Port Orchard OR (late March)
  • The Umatella Co at Desert Lanes, Hermiston OR (early March)
  • The St. Helens Open Championship at Oregon Trail Lanes, St Helens OR (late Feb)
  • The Portland Masters at Kellogg Bowl, Milwaukie OR (late Feb)
  • The Mike Denmark Memorial at Lava Lanes of Bend, Bend OR (mid-Feb)
  • The Reser’s Queens Championship at Molalla Bowl, Molalla OR (late January)
  • The Mounts Bowling Tough Shot at Epicenter, Klamath Falls, OR (late January)
  • The Holiday Handicap at Oregon Trail Lanes, St. Helens OR (early January)
  • The Treasure Valley Scholarship at Sunset Lanes, Ontario OR (mid-December)
  • The Silver Bells Tournament at Mt. Hood Lanes, Gresham OR (early December)
  • The Tillamook Elite Championship at Tillamook Bowling Lanes, Tillamook OR (early December)
  • The Annual Jr./Adult Championship at Wilsonville Lanes, Wilsonville OR (mid November)

Various OR-USBC Association Tournaments: The Local Events

There are bunch of local associations throughout the state (22 local associations actually) and many put on their own local association tournaments every year.

Take a look at this page on the Local USBC Associations throughout the state of Oregon for more information.

Do You Have Anything to Add?

I’m just a one-man team working on this site so if I have missed something please get a hold of me.

Also, if you know of a new tournament coming up or know of an event that has been canceled please let me know so I can update this page.

You can drop me a line at mountsbowling@gmail.com.

Remember, this page is a constant work-in-progress. I’ll continue adding links and information to many of these regular events as time goes by. Patience please if you are reading this.