Bowling FAQs

If you are just learning to bowl for the first time or you simply trying to get a better understanding of the game for the first time, then please make sure to dive into any or all of the topics listed below.

I’ve been bowling competitively since 1995 when I first started and I’ve been a 200 average bowler since 2001.

These days I’m a 210 average bowler on Sport conditions and a 225+ average bowler on typical league patterns, so I’d like to think I know a bit about the sport of bowling.

Here are many of the first basic questions people frequently ask me about bowling.

Do Bowling Balls Absorb Oil? – 1372 Words
Every other bowler in the bowling alley wipes their ball down after every shot to remove excess oil the the balls surface but does it actually matter? Where does the oil go if it isn’t wiped off? And, if the ball absorbs it why should we care.

Does More Axis Rotation Make a Ball Skid Longer? – 1329 Words
If you are trying to throw a hook with a bowling ball you have to have some axis rotation – it’s impossible to make a hook without it. If you do have axis rotation however what is the shape of the hook? In this post we look into late vs early hook based solely on the amount axis rotation you have.

What is the RG on a Bowling Ball: An Explanation – 1331 Words
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What Are the Standardized Bowling Lane Dimensions? – 1131 Words
Every bowling lane in ever bowling center is almost exactly the same…except for they are not. It’s simply impossible to make 24 lanes in every bowling center across the country to be identical. That’s why there are standard thresholds and specs that must be hit by bowling lanes to make them regulation lanes. Here are all the details that you need to know.

How to Bowl on a Long Oil Pattern? – 1866 Words
This article is geared primarily towards the tournament or competition level bowler that is earning how to compete in different environments and conditions. Long oil typically refers to anything above 43 feet in length. Most long oil patterns require an inside line. There is a LOT more to say about it though which is why I made this article.

Bowling Shoes Are Required: Here’s Why – 250 Words
Many recreational bowlers wonder why bowling shoes are required (or if they are even necessary) when they go bowling, especially if they are only looking to have a fun time out with friends or family. This article describes why bowling shoes are important to bowlers of all skill levels and to the bowling centers themselves.

What’s the Best Entry Angle for Getting Strikes? – 1332 Words
Anyone can get a strike in bowling, my one year old daughter did it a few times on accident. The trick is figuring out how to increase your chances of getting a strike every time and as you progress in your abilities you’ll quickly find that the greater your entry angle to the pocket is the greater your chances are for getting a strike…so long as you keep your entry point located on the right board. I go into it all in this article.

A Cheat Sheet to Bowling Ball Specs – 1176 Words
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What are the Main Bowling Ball Brands? – 305 Words
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What are the Rules for Bowling – 384 Words
Bowling is simple. You have ten frames to throw a perfect 300 game…or is it that sample. There are a lot of things that bowlers should know to be a better recreational bowler, league bowler, or tournament bowler. The basics apply to everyone but as you advance through the various tiers of competition things get a bit more precise.

More Bowling Tips & Advice

How to Bowl: An Epic Overview – 3510 Words
This is the crazy long post that every brand new bowler should read. It sets the foundation for everything and introduces any bowler to everything that’s important.

How to Hold a Bowling Ball Properly & Safely – 1656 Words
Any aspiring bowler can grab a ball, stuff their fingers into it, and chuck it down the lane but without doing it right you could injure yourself pretty badly. No matter if you are casually throwing a straight ball a few times per year or learning to throw a massive hook it’s super important to hold that ball the right way while you learn.

How to Curve a Bowling Ball – 1400 Words
There are many different ways to go about throwing a curve with a bowling ball. Some people have small hooks and others thrown massive arcs down lane, no matter how you bowl or what your level of experience is I think something in this aricle should help you understand the motion a little bit more.

More Advanced Bowling Tips – 213 Words
There are many advanced topics for bowlers than most people even realize. This topical category is not for the casual bowler. I’ve been a tournament bowler for more than two decades and I understand bowling more than the average league bowler by a landslide. if you want to learn more about how bowlers get better and perform from condition to condition then dive in here. Don’t let the high-level bowling jargon slow you down. This is all learnable.