Bowling Ball Comparisons

Shopping for a new bowling ball can be a frustrating process because it’s so hard to compare one ball to another.

How can you possibly decide which ball will be right for you when you have to spend so much money to buy them and then have to drill it up to best match up your own physical game with the positive characteristics of the ball itself.

I’m not going to lie, it’s almost impossible to really compare every ball and guide every person to the right equipment but it would be wrong to not try.

For starters we know that bowling balls are standard sizes and weights and their cores and covers have standard characteristics so working within those lines let’s get to comparing some balls!

hammer urethane bowling ballsA Comparison of Hammer’s Line of Urethane Bowling Balls
Currently Hammer produces and sells three urethane bowling balls but their are a number of older models still being used and sold on used racks all across the country. Which one is right for you and what’s the difference between them? Let me give you my take.

All In-Production Urethane Bowling Balls Compared (All Brands)
If you have no idea which brand to shop for but you know you want to pick up a urethane rock then check out this page which lists all of the options currently being marketed, produced, and sold by all major bowling ball brands.

Plastic Bowling Balls with High performance Cores
One of the newest categories of bowling balls I find to be particularly exciting. There is a growing number of “high-performance” plastic spare balls on the market and although it’s easy to say that all plastic balls are the same the simple fact is that they are not. These are special and any one of them can take the place of two balls in your bag. Check them out and at least learn about them already.