Why Are Bowling Shoes Required All The Time (All Things Considered)

If you only go bowling every once in a while then you are not alone in thinking that rented bowling shoes sound a bit disgusting. In fact many recreational bowlers wonder if they need to wear them at all.

The thing is bowling centers around the world all require nearly everyone to wear dedicated bowling shoes for a number of reasons.

Bowling shoes are required by bowling alleys because they protect the approaches of the lanes from debris commonly found on street shoes. They allow bowlers to slide just enough so that they don’t tumble forward onto the lanes, and they ensure that approaches stay clean resulting in a safer environment for bowlers of all levels.

However, there are a number of caveats to this and not all bowling centers will be so strict in their enforcement of these standard policies.

In fact many competition level bowlers use dedicated street shoes for bowling that do not slide at all. Others use street shoes with bowling slide covers, while many small children fall into an entirely different set of rules.

If you are just learning to bowl then you should get used to the idea of wearing dedicated shoes. Renting them every time will be costly so buying your own is usually the best idea.

You can see my guide to learning how to throw a hook here if you want to learn…if however you only want to understand your options for dealing with rental bowling shoes then read on.

We’ll start out with what happens when you don’t wear bowling shoes.

If Bowling Shoes Are Necessary Then What Happens If You Don’t Wear Them


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