The USBC Open Championships 2008 – My Results From Albuquerque

Originally Published July 7, 2008

As of the 5th of July the 2008 USBC Open Bowling Championships are finally over. Competition began way back on the 16th of February so somewhere over 50,000 bowlers competed in the event.

Last year I made my debut appearance in the event in June with the Bonifacini’s and I bowled magnificently. I shot a 1961 all events with a 700 in singles. I made a nice chunk of change too as I finished in the 99th percentile for both singles and all events.

This year didn’t go quite as good mainly because our team was missing our 5th bowler so we missed out on an extra 500 pins or so placing us in the 9th percentile and I stunk it up in the doubles event shooting a pathetic 475 placing us in the 21st percentile.

Despite these setbacks I stepped it up in the singles event with a 634, good enough for the 94th percentile and with the strength of my team event personal scores I managed to finish in the 92nd percentile for All Events.

The singles accomplishment was nice but I love the ‘All-Events’ event and was very proud to overcome my bad doubles set.

Check out my scores below.

In addition to my good finish in singles and all-events I also managed to make gobs of money in brackets which made for a very fun trip. Starting off your day with a 277 pretty much guarantees you to get through some brackets and it did.

My best set of the tournament I wish would have been singles as there’s good money in singles.

The Team event we were missing a head but wouldn’t you know it was in the team event that I posted my best scores because of the missing person (4-man team).

Had I switched my scores between team and singles I’d have walked away from the tournament with hundreds more dollars in pocket; too bad for me but I still bowled well.

Flor happened to record virtually all of my shots through the entire team event which has been cool to look over since the tournament.

Take a look if you care to.

The shot is really tough and my scores especially in this recording were way above the tournament average. The video also has some of our footage before and after the event.

Video of our trip via Vimeo

Here are some pics from the trip via Picasa WebAnyway, that was it for my second year bowling in the USBC Open. For two years in a row I’ve won about a grand (after expenses) at this event so you can be sure I’m really looking forward to next year’s event in Las Vegas.

Ohh I forgot to mention this year I bowled with Lloyd Burleson, Jim Brownell, and Greg Brooks and not the Bonifacini’s. I still love those guys but I think next year I’ll be bowling with Lloyd and company again. We’re a good competitive team so long as we get a 5th bowler, sheesh!

In case you’re curious for more bowling info you can check out my tournament archive and/or my career bowling stats page.