All 13 Urethane Bowling Balls Compared & Reviewed (2019)

A urethane bowling ball serves a few purposes in today’s competitive bowling environment.

  1. They offer an affordable entry point for the casual bowler who wants to buy his or her first ball,
  2. They allow league and tournament bowlers the ability to “ball-down” in light oil, dry, or burn conditions because urethane equipment hooks less than reactive equipment.
  3. Urethane bowling balls offer rev-dominant bowlers, or those bowlers who have particularly high rev rates, an option for playing straighter lines to the pocket.

Modern Urethane = Mild (Classic) Covers Paired With Aggressive Cores

The crazy thing is that back in the 70’s urethane was the modern technology offering bowlers who had used rubber and polyester in the past an option for hooking the ball more.

These days urethane balls are getting more complex. Some brands are making “reactive urethane” in which they include additives to the urethane coverstock that allows them to hook a little more than “old-school urethane”.

Many modern urethane balls also utilize modern cores that help the ball flare and turn over. This means some of them look and act like weak reactive balls.

Of course there are also throw-back urthane equipment that is as basic as it gets. Balls like the Brunswick True Motion for instance still use the exact same urethane coverstock mixture as they used in the 80s! Balls like these will react have a very mild reaction to friction, unlike anything else on the market.

Looking for the Best Urethane Bowling Ball For Your Bag?

Because you are on this page I’m going to assume that you are looking to buy a urethane ball and that you want to know what options are available to you these days… also, I’m sure you want to know what the difference is between all the urethane equipment on the market.

In many cases it’s simply not clear to the casual bowler. The manufacturers also don’t heavily market their urethane equipment either so there’s just not as much buzz to go by or information to review.

As a bowler I throw around 19 mph with a rev rate of about 500 rpms.

I’m also a full roller so I get a ton of ball surface contact to the boards with each throw so urethane balls have a dominant place in my arsenal just as they do with many high-rev pros.

Below you’ll find a list of all the urethane balls currently for sale plus a few more that may have been recently discontinued from all of the brands in the business.

I’ll do my best to not only list them but compare them a bit so you can make a better informed decision on which one or two are right for you.

Let’s first look at a quick and dirty list of all the current offerings from all of the bowling brands and then we’ll dive in to short reviews and comparisons of them. Finally we’ll look into the options that are discontinued in case you are able to find something older online, at a pro shop, or on a used rack.

The Big List of Current (2019) Urethane Bowling Balls

The balls below are presented in no particular order. Click the link on any of them to jump straight to my comments on that particular ball.

  • Brunswick True Motion – This is the old 80s era urethane coverstock formulation wrapped around the modern Magnitude .035 core. This gives it the classic shape and reaction of urethane but with a stronger bite in the mid lane that allows the ball to cover more boards.
  • DV8 Tactic Control – Unlike the True Motion this urethane cover is more modern providing a smoother arc but with less overall hook due to the less dynamic core.
  • Hammer Black Urethane: Early & Smooth Classic Motion with added continuation due to the dynamic LED Core. This ball will be similar to the True Motion.
  • Hammer Black Widow Urethane: Midlane Read with stronger back end. One of the strongest urethane balls on the market due to the Gasmask Asymmetric Core which results in more flare and overall hook compared to the True Motion or Hammer Black.
  • Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane: Early Read with Mild Backend. This ball has the same LED Core as the Hammer Black but the pearlized urethane cover gives it more length with a slightly more angular shape that covers slightly less boards overall.
  • Storm Pitch Black – Classic Urethane Ball Motion, early read with mild continuation.
  • Storm Fever Pitch – Urethane Pearl – More angular motion than urethane balls are known for.
  • Storm Mix – Low flare potential pearl urethane ball with a simple core.
  • Rotogrip Hot Cell
  • Motiv Covert Tank
  • 900 Glabal Boo-Yah!
  • 900 Global Honey Badger Urethane
  • Pyramid Pathogen Plague Urethane

Older Discontinued Urethane Equipment

  • Brunswick Blue Urethane Rhino Pro (xxxx)
  • Brunswick Eclipse Reactive Urethane (xxxx)
  • Brunswick Groove Urethane (xxxx)
  • Brunswick Headhunter Urethane (xxxx)
  • Brunswick Headhunter Urethane Pearl (xxxx)
  • Brunswick Edge Red Urethane (xxxx)
  • Brunswick Edge II Brown Urethane (1983)
  • Brunswick Phantom (1991)
  • Brunswick Twister (1991)
  • Brunswick Slingshot Reactive Urethane (xxxx)
  • Brunswick Avalanche Urethane (2010)
  • Brunswick Karma Urethane (2012)
  • Brunswick Fanatic BTU (2016)
  • Storm Super Natural (2013)

Balls With a Classic Urethane Ball Motion

From the above lists of in-production and recently discontinued balls lets look at the classic (old-school) urethane balls first. Each of these balls fits the description of a new urethane ball that rolls similar to those that were made 30 years ago in the 80s and 90s.

#1 – The Storm Pitch Black

Pearl Urethane Balls – Added Length

These balls are modified urethane coverstocks that let the ball push slightly further down lane before changing direction. In most cases these balls are slightly more angular and hook rough about the same, the difference is the shape. Not quite angular enough to be considered reactive but for urethane they turn the corner much more aggressively.

#1 – The Storm Pitch Blue