Hotels for the USBC Nationals in Reno

reno hotels for usbc open nationals bowling tournamentLet’s get this out of the way right off the bat. The official travel page on the official website lists the main partner Hotels sponsoring the 2011 USBC National tournament this year.

As is pretty standard year over year the Tournament Brackets are paid out this year at the Sand Regency, which is always one of the cheapest places to stay of the major hotels and it’s quite convenient for people who enter brackets. I’ve stayed at the Sands three times and been pleased for the price but it’s not exactly glamorous. If you want to save on costs and still stay in a full hotel with plenty of amenities this place is your best option in my opinion. Just make sure to check out for travel deals to this hotel as they are almost always better than or just as good as the deals on the website.

I’ll be traveling this year in early March and will be staying three nights, March 11-14 and the hotel search feature gives me a rate for the Sands at around $71 per night on average. Conversely is giving me a rate for the exact same hotel and the exact same dates of $56 per night. Obviously rates change all the time so make sure to check often for the best deal.

This year I’ll be staying at Circus Circus, which is another one of the official Hotel partners of the tournament and it’s one of their “Presenting Sponsors” They are also quite low on rates and the star rating of the hotel is a little higher than The Sands. Long story short – as always, shop around for the best deal. Just because links to it doesn’t mean it’s the best deal. I’ll be paying roughly $67 a night for Circus Circus through while the portal is quoting me $74 a night. Not a big difference but I’ll take it.

Other hotel sponsors include the El Dorado, Silver Legacy, Atlantis, Harrah’s, and Peppermill and of course there are a lot of other hotels in downtown Reno which are walking distance from the Bowling Stadium.

It may be worth checking the travel page for hotel deals but chances are good that you’ll find a similarly good deal on sites like Expedia or which also have rewards programs… why not save a few bucks and get closer to a free night?

Anyway, I’m going to reserve my room now so be sure to drop a comment of any good coupons for Reno bowling tournament hotel deals if you find any in the comments below… and check out my main 2011 USBC Open Championships Tournament Information page for a complete directory of my coverage of the event.

Other Reno Hotel Deals I’ve Come Across
Remember, these deal can change at any time.

  • Peppermill Reno Hotel is offering a discount to bowlers if you use the code “LBTM11”.