USBC Open Championships 2011 Tournament Information & Oil Pattern – Reno, NV

Originally Published February 1, 2011

2011_Open_Championship_LogoWho’s going to the 2011 USBC Open bowling tournament this year? Count me in for my fifth year in a row. I’m inching closer to those big time multi-year streaks – just a good 20-30 more years to go before they start calling my name at check in. 🙂

It’s time to brush the dust off this old bowling blog and start documenting the big event as I’m growing accustomed to doing over the past couple years.

You can see my 2010 USBC Nationals recap here as well as my short recaps for 2009, 2008, and 2007.

As is typical for me and my team we bowl in early March and as such we are typically some of the first bowlers to hit the lanes for this tournament. This year is no exception.

The 2011 USBC Nationals tournament will be held March 4, 2011 through July 2, 2011 and for the first time as much as I know they have extended the registration deadline for bowlers to right up to the day that competition begins – March 2.

Here is the official tournament 2011 Rules & Info, which the USBC has published on their website. Much of their website over the last couple years has been growing in an ever more convoluted and confusing fashion so I think this year I’ll start linking out to some of the info as needed.

Last year in fact I had a few people email and comment asking about specific tournament info because it’s so hard to find on the website so I will try to provide as many links as possible from this blog.

Below you will find my collection of 2011 USBC Nationals posts. As of this writing (2/1/11) I have nothing to link to but I will add a good deal of posts over the next few days and weeks culminating in my personal experience and eventual tournament results. Enjoy and feel free to have fun in the comments section!

(FYI – All links below go to other posts on my site.)

2011 USBC Open Bowling Tournament Information

My Experience In Reno 2011
I’ll be heading over there on March 11 so expect more to come as that date approaches. I’ll be staying at Circus Circus and I should be blogging the event while I’m there.

2011 USBC Open Oil Pattern
Today (3/1/11) the USBC finally released the oil pattern for the big tournament this Spring. I posted a few days ago that I would deliver the goods so if you haven’t yet checked out the tournament pattern then head over and check it out.

You can see the 2011 USBC Nationals oil pattern here on the blog or you can just head over to to see the pattern there.

The pattern is looking similar to previous years patterns at first glance but I plan on diving into my thoughts on the pattern a bit more after a little more analysis. On first glance I wouldn’t want to venture my break point outside of the nine board but your analysis may differ.

If you haven’t yet booked your room hit up early and often for the best deals.

Open Championships 2011 Tournament Recap
The tournament runs from March 4 through July 2 so final results won’t be available until late July 2011 or early August. Mid-event results may be periodically updated here.